At John Dwyer Bakery we always have to be looking to make us better at what we do, we know we have great quality products but we thought we needed to review the packaging so we stand out a bit and as we are simple bakers we knew we needed some expertise, step forward All Saints Design who had an incredible CV and have worked with some major brands so for the last few months we have been working with All Saints and If you are looking at our website, as you must be of course! You’ll have noticed we’ve had a bit of a re-brand, not just a little bit either but the whole thing and more to come yet. We love it!

New look!

New boxes on the cakes, check out the Belgian Bun box it’s FAB – UL – OUS, a fantastic website that is just sensational and if you are anywhere within 50 miles of Rugby keep your eyes out for our new style van livery . . . you can’t miss them.

Labels and bread bags are a big project for us and we are spending hours deciding on colours . . . .  shapes and how to apply them to the bags . . . what sounded easy is proving it isn’t!

We know our products are great but the packaging is not so good, we’ll get them out there as soon as we can.