We brought out vegan cakes in the spring and they are now starting to become popular as a plant based diet becomes a lifestyle choice for more and more people. At the moment we do sultana, coconut and cherry and chocolate with sugar nibs . . . I’ll admit the first batch of vegan chocolate cake we did had chocolate chips in . . . which were lovely until one of the bakers pointed out the chocolate chips are made with milk, which comes from cows apparently! Doh!!  . . . Oh well sugar nibs it is and they are fabulous. Don’t worry the vegan with chocolate chips didn’t go to waste, 5 mins in the staff canteen and it was like they were never there . . .CHERRY AND COCONUT CAKE

Give the vegan cakes a go and you don’t have to be vegan to eat them of course, ask your local shop to order some in.

The whole free from market is one we are very eager to get into but we have find the space in our range to fit them in . . . decisions, decisions.